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I’m Ruth Narveson the author and owner of Building You Inc Online.  I’d like to welcome you to this site.

You may be wondering “What is You Inc?” and “Why would I want to build a You Inc Business?”

That is the purpose of this website…  

To teach you the You Inc Business Model and how it will give you more control and ownership of your home business assets.

Why is it important to build a “You Inc” business instead of a business centered just around your network marketing company?

The reality is if you want to create a real business it must be built around YOU!

The challenge is the You Inc model takes more effort, time and focus and…

It’s not for everybody!

It will take bold vision and inspiration and it will take you far beyond being just a sales rep for your MLM company.

But you will be developing a bedrock foundation and a more stable financial future. In today’s economy this is more important than ever before because…

Companies merge, they go out of business, they change their comp plan.  You can be at the top of the leader board in your respective company, bringing in $1000′s of month but if your company disappears overnight you will be left with nothing.

In my 31 plus years in the network marketing industry and 4 years in the Attraction Marketing business I’ve seen it all.  

I can tell you the ones who survive after a company goes out of business or changes their comp plan and cuts out the reps are the ones who have set up their business where they have ownership and control over their biggest asset…

Their Customer List

Are you ready to take the plunge and find out what Building You Inc is all about?  

Start by reading my free report.  You can request it by filling in the box to the right with your name and email address.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get started on changing the name on your business from XYZ MLM company to Your Name, Inc.

See you on the other side.






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